[Product/Service] Books, Guides, and Lists

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    • My service as of now is at the start of it's growth. It is so simple yet so helpful to people on EMC. It is a service where I write and sell books to players to help them get the information they need. It started out when I decided to ask about shops since I was going to buy items in bulk. I didn't want to lose a lot of money so I grabbed a book n' quill and wrote down ever shop I knew and found. Afterwards, some people heard about my book through a single announcement.

    Here is how my service will work:
    • I will take requests from any player about what he/she/they want written
      • I write lists, information, descriptions, directions and more!
      • I (usually) won't write stories
    • That book is then is given to the person who made the request and then posted here.

    At the moment, I have 3 books up now:
    • SMP1 Shops
      • A more detailed listing of shops in SMP1 (very slightly outdated)
    • Basics of EMC
      • Lists some commands that are frequently asked about (You should still do the tutorial)
    • Malls of EMC
      • Lists Mega Malls across each SMP

    Prices can go from 100-500r depending on how much effort was required in getting the book.

    I'm not perfect so everything might not be in this post (or book) so MSG me about any issues or questions you might need answered.