[PRODUCT] Dunamis 5.0

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  1. You remember Dunamis? That old website creator that can be used by anyone? A couple months ago, the servers went down, permanently preventing people from using it. And I didn't release source code to the public, so it was effectively useless. Now, I've brought back a revamped version that works the same as the old - but with brand new servers!

    Unfortunately, this means Dunamis sites using the old servers will return a 404. To fix this, simply replace the "elucidator.co" in the domain with "elucidator.one". To download an updated version of Dunamis that automatically will use the updated servers, visit the Downloads page.

    As always, if you have any opinions, questions, or comments, just let me know by posting a reply! I don't bite.
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  2. Dunamis has been updated!
    Some minor server compliance issues were in place, also I accidentally made 5.0 work like 3.1 xD
    So just download 5.2 from the Downloads page and all shall be fine :D
  3. Might want to update this:
  4. Whoops! Fixed.
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