Problems with jungle tree farm

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  1. Has anyone else noticed that since the jungle sap bug-fix ( where one jungle sap surrounded 3 other saps would make a giant tree) It's very difficult to mass-produce jungle saps? It seems that with normal sized jungle trees, they don't always produce even a single sap; and giant trees rarely produce 4 either? So how are we meant to be able to supply the saps for shops? Could this be a bug? I'm pretty sure every other type of tree always produces at least one sap, sometimes more...
  2. thats normal in minecraft i think even in singleplayer you have that problem
  3. Sounds good to me. Means it balances out the fact that Jungle Saps were worthless and made wood collecting ridiculously easy.
    Having said that though, if you just wanted planks, jungle wood wasn't that popular due to the colour anyway.
  4. Yes I had noticed that people don't seem to like the jungle planks anymore lol. But this is making my jungle sap chest in my shop permanently empty :(
  5. Ok So I've been playing around with my jungle farm and have concluded that the giant trees always produce at least 3 saps, sometimes more than 4; so I think with a large enough number of trees always grown, the saplings harvested always increases. Yay.
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  6. I bought alot of your jungle planks