Problems Claiming a Res in Utopia

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Mattmar96, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. Its been about 4 months since being on EMC, and back then I had a gold account and a res on utopia. To not be a hog, i unclaimed and reset that res when taking a break from EMC. Now I am a diamond supporter and excited to get back on EMC, but when I try to claim a res, it says "You May Only Have One Residence on Utopia". So I typed /home to try and find that mystery res and sadly it said that res could not be found on any server. Then I typed /visit mattmar96 and that didnt work either. Any Ideas?

  2. ./V mattmar96 2 takes you to you're Utopian residence, Same with /home 2
  3. Wow that works. Sorry been a while
  4. Not a problem, Just remember - You can claim 3 more residences on any other server. So have fun with those :)
  5. Wait you can't claim more than one res on utopia? Weird
  6. Believe it or not, Utopia can get full. I presume that's the reason for the 1 Utopia res rule - due to the lack of derelict policy there.
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  7. Makes sense. If they continue to be supporters their res isn't supposed to be deleted :p
  8. That's not quite true. When I stopped being a diamond supporter and didn't log in for a while, my Utopia res was clearly affected by the derelict policy, as that res was no longer mine when I came back. :p
  9. Canceling your supportership voids the derelict exception :)
  10. Sure, but that's true for all the other servers as well, so there's nothing special about utopia then.
  11. Ah, nah Jack just means that because the server is made up of all supporters or (ex-supporters), it's more common to not be able to get a res.
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  12. You can only have one res in utopia for a plethora of reasons, namely, 1 res on Utopia is equal to 4 Normal residences on other servers. If you had 2, then you would have the equivalent of 8 residences.. On top of that, Utopia is kinda a "perk" servers granted to supporters. There is no fall damage or hunger damage in the wild. While anyone can visit Utopia Town, Only gold and diamond can visit the wilds.