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  1. If you have played with me way before we had smp's 6789 most of you know how helpful and kicked back I am.
    But ever since it got bigger more and more people just love to. Be absolutely rude towards me and others. I'm not gonna name any of the players for their well-being but seriously this has to stop. I admit I do get mad and talk back sometimes but that's if you really start to aggravate me. I'm sorry to anyone I may have been mean to but there is a purpose behind it. EMC was an amazing server back when there were only 3 servers but now it's growing we get players who the they're crap because they either donate ( (any amount) great for you for helping the server) but just because your name is colored ( other then mods admins and justinguy ) doesn't give you the permission to be rude to others. If I ever fought with you PM me and I'll sort it out with you.
  2. I just see a bunch of letters.. me doesn't understand..

    ~Brain breaks~
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  3. Lol. Short: EMC got bigger more people join and love to annoy people
  4. Ive Never really had i fight with anyone before, only fight when i have enough evidence to do so.
  5. Same but I've had to argue with more people then ever since EMC got bigger
  6. See that's smart..

    Fight when you know you'll win :)
  7. Or when the other person is "Dumb Enough" (No offence to anyone) that they will always lose.
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  8. The best advice I can give to all of you who's EMC experience is being affected by annoying/rude players is this: Become a champion of the /report system.

    Even if you don't see an immediate response to your reports, please, keep reporting. Staff does see your reports. We make notes. If we see that a player is consistently a problem, they will have action taken against them. This system only works as well as the players who use it.
  9. Like maragaritte I just ignore them and go on with my businesses playing mc on EMC
  10. I saw someone just get reported by you and it said for abuse of report system
  11. How can you see that?...
  12. People make false/joke reports sometimes. We let them know it is NOT okay.
  13. It was qwertyzzzzz.... We were reporting moee4 for spamming cursing and using all caps. The spam detector auto banned him and I guess qwertzzzz didn't know so he kept sending reports.

    On that note I had a friend get banned skullcrusher9001 and he didn't do anything. I talk to him over steam and he hasn't been on EMC for a long time. We believe his account was hacked because he left the same day as I did.
  14. He can appeal his ban via PM with a mod. This isnt the place to do it, and you cant do it for him.
  15. I know but there was a reason for his ban. It just says hope <=====3 was worth it
  16. Ahhh i suspect Nurse got him! And that can be taken as sexuallyy inappropriate.
  17. Actually, I've apologized to Qwerty for this in private, but I might as well make it public, since he's having attention drawn to him over this. I meant to ban a player who made a false report against him, but, in all my brand-new-modness, accidentally banned Qwerty instead. As soon as I realized this, I immediately lifted the ban and came to the forums to apologize to him, only to find a very polite message from him in my inbox asking what went wrong.

    So Qwerty, again, forgive me! I'm still getting the hang of this ;D
  18. /report Margaritte Gratuitous bannination.
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  19. My next achievement get, perhaps?
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