Problem with pistons

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  1. Hey I saw a vid of an auto sugarcane farm on youtube.
    He used 2 pistons facing eachtother to cut the sugarcane down.
    I remade this in singleplayer and it worked but now i did this on smp9 and my pistons won't move.
    My question is: has this been disabled to keep the server less laggy or something else?
    If you don't get what im trying to explain look to this vid.

  2. piston timers tend to work weird in servers i think they have to be facing east west too
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  3. thx for the quick response but i have also made one without a timer so just pulling a lever that activates the redstone but the pistons still won't move to the other side. the piston just moves a little and goes back to normal.
    so i don't know if it's just buggy or something else..
    I'll look into the east west thing.
  4. What bitemenow15 is saying is that the tic/second on servers are different to those of singleplayer worlds, so any redstone devices you build in single player have very much different tic settings in multiplayer.
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  5. Oh ok :s well then i'll have to look for another way to make one.
    Thanks to both of you for helping me out. Appreciated.