Problem with MC start-up

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  1. Hey guys, I'm having a little difficulty logging in, and I was wondering if anybody else was experiencing this, or if anybody knew a fix for this problem.

    When I log in with the correct credentials, I find that it accepts my details and then does the Mojang white opening screen, then when the main menu should come up, it simply stays as a black screen.

    I've tried updating Java and repeated the process in case it was a related problem, but after a little investigation, it seems that it is related to my Account, perhaps.

    When I put in an incorrect password and select 'Play Offline', it goes straight to the menu, no problem. Also, when my girlfriend enters her details and hits log in, it works fine for her, and she can go online.

    Has anybody else experienced this problem? Does anybody know what to do here? Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  2. This happens to me a lot. Force update. Something went wrong in a .jar file.

    If that does not work, go into your appdata folder (or whatever it is on Mac) and back up your saves. Then delete your entire .minecraft folder.

  3. I suggest deleted these files inside the minecraft folder.

    Stats folder
    config folder

    If it doesnt work then deleted every folder except your mods folder

    Also orangePie123 has a similar problem.
    He can only log on as Jeanzl and not his own account.
    When he logs onto his account he crashes but not when he logs onto jeanzl's
  4. Delete these files:

    I had this problem a while back, deleting those seemed to work. My gamer-girlfriend could login fine with her account and so could my best friend, even my brother could.
  5. Hmm, so far nothing's working. I also forgot to backup my saves. Oops :p

    Thanks for the suggestions so far, though, guys.
  6. I suggest you go to the official MineCraft forums and post in their support section :p

    EDIT: Weren't you a mod?
  7. Yes, he was a mod. He stepped down out of his own choice.
  8. I had this problem (until a few minutes ago). I had deleted/reloaded the .jar file, then the whole .minecraft folder. No help. Reinstalled java still no go. It had been working so I knew my Vid card dirvers were OK. Pulled my hair out, still not working. Finally on the i'net I saw a post that said to scrap Java 7 and go back to version 6. So I uninstalled 7 and reinstalled Java 6. Worked fine, I'm back in the game. Hope this helps someone.
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