Problem with logging in please help!!!

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  1. In the past couple months i've not be able to log in to any Empire servers. Every time I try to this is what pops up: ( Connection refused: ) I'm not sure what to do, all of my different servers work so i know it's not my connection. If someone could help that would awesome because this is my favorite server.
  2. Strange, make sure you are using 1.7.5 and try connecting to the "" address. Other than that, I am sure somebody else may know how to fix this.
  3. if it's been like that for a couple months, have you even updated your minecraft yet?

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  4. you should be running a client 'profile' that is 1.7.2 or later. If it is. delete your 1.7.2 folder in your .minecraft/version folder, and log in again. (It will download a new clean version of 1.7.2 or whatever version), and try log in again.

    Try direct connect option to:

    I had this issue for a while. It did eventually come right, but didn't take 2 months. It appeared to be a Mojang problem. Once they got their ... stuff sorted out, i could connect fine.
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  5. That happens to me all the time. When it happens to me, I just keep trying to log in, and I get on after 3 or 4 tries.
  6. if its a couple of months he is probly trying to connect to the old addresses before .gs scruffy ninjaed me
  7. I have the most recent update for minecraft (1.7.5) and it still doesn't work?