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  1. Hi all,

    I'm not sure if this is the right thread to post this but I'm sure the mods will move it if it isn't.

    I was a regular payer here about a year ago and I recently came back to check out the old neighborhood. I went out on smp3 and did a little exploring and while I was out there I noticed something peculiar. Every where I went, I was coming across death drops. I found the remains of 2 skellies (bones and arrows), 3 sheep, 2 cows, some dirt left by a creeper explosion a stick (maybe from a witch?) and enough random exp orbs to take me from level 17 to almost 18. I also saw an awful lost of non hostile mobs out there sheep, cows, rabbits, etc. This was all in about 15 mins.

    Since the time I left EMC I've been running a small private server for my son and a couple of his friends. In that time I've learned a little about server operation (a tiny bit), and it just seems like maybe there might be something wrong with your despawn values. Is that a real thing? Despawn values? It seems like your mobs aren't de-spawning the way they should be and death drops and exp orbs definitely aren't.

    This could all be meaningless and if it is, sorry for wasting a few minutes of your day. On the other hand, I know that most lag clearing programs are specifically designed to remove drops and excess mobs so maybe this stuff is causing lag? I didn't think it could hurt to mention it.

    One last thing. While I was out there I kept getting the message "you here gobbling from x blocks away". Does EMC have turkey bosses now?

    I hope this info can help out the server.
  2. I've noticed the same things with drops and xp orbs. I just figured it was because the chunks unloaded when no one was out there. Therefore effectively stopping time for the despawn clock. I'm probably wrong as I know nothing of programming.

    As for the gobbling... Left over Super Turkey from Thanksgiving. Check the wiki under custom mobs.
  3. I have seen them also. Sometimes I leave orbs or drops behind when I am goofing off, they are in a hard to get to place, I am in a hurry, or some similar reason. I assumed that they were from other players doing the same or maybe Wolves rather than the server killing them off. It seems like if the server needs to dispose of them they should go go "poof" and despawn especially given the way Aikar views xp farms.
  4. The animals, IMO, spawn far too frequently. I leveled an area near my outpost and left to do something else. Maybe an hour later and the place was littered with animals.