[PROBLEM] Super Turkey Has Incorrect Drops

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Ethy202, Dec 12, 2015.

  1. I got Cooked turkey and other things, but the Turkey Slicer didn't drop!
  2. Since you were in a hole they probably glitched threw a block and either elevated up or just is on the other side of the wall. try digging around the area and if nothing shows try going up from the location.
  3. Acutually it flew out of the box I was in with the turkey. :)
  4. This morning I killed one at difficulty 1 (I'd been killing them at 10, but people told me difficulty didn't matter) and all I got was regular chicken drops (chicken + feathers) and no message appeared. Is that normal for difficulty 1?
  5. Yes. You get no special drops on diff 1. I defeated the Super Turkey on diff 9.
  6. Wait, so the Turkey I killed did drop a Slicer, I just didn't see it? FML
  7. Uhhhh... Yeah?
  8. The turkey slicer probably did drop but it just fell into a hole or got stuck in a wall. Was there lava near by? It could have fallen into lava on the other side of a wall.
  9. Read above :p
  10. Wait wait, they always drop a slicer? Ive killed like 5 on difficulty 5 and gotten 0 slicers...
  11. Not always 10% drop I think? someone correct me.
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  12. Like Keliris stated, the Turkey Slicer does not drop every single time a Super Turkey is killed. It drops with the same principle as the Marlix and the Momentus.
  13. Correct, that's why it's so expensive and rare. You could kill 10 turkeys and maybe get 2 slicers.
  14. It's a 5% base, but looting helps and difficulty might... I'm honestly not sure the impact of difficulty to turkeys but likely applies.
  15. I was on diff 9 (boosting the drop rate) with a voter's sword w/ looting 3 (boosting the drop rate even more). That is probably why I got the slicer.
  16. I believe the turkey slicer automatically goes into your inventory if one is generated, because it is soulbound. Maybe you didn't have enough free inventory slots?
  17. Nope