[Problem] Shift Clicking and Furnaces

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  1. So, in 1.2.5, Mojang added shift clicking support in furnaces. However, every time I try to shift clock something in that isn't smeltable, my minecraft immediately freezes and blackscreens. I would be testing this independently but tomorrow I leave for 3 weeks, so I'm asking you. If you're bored, get a furnace and play around with the shift-clicking. If you find a recurring pattern with crashing, please put it here and I'll check it out when I get back. Or, if nothing wrong happens, let me know so I can tell if it's just me or not.
  2. Yeah, happens to me. I think it's a problem with the mod "Inventory Tweaks"
  3. That's definitely not my problem. Oh, and here's the mods I use:
    Rei's Minimap
    Ingame Info
    Mod Macros
    Comgenie's Enchanter Speedup
  4. I shall test this.
  5. It doesnt have to do with a mod, I have no mods on and when my shift click gets stuck on, and I dont know it and I shift click coal into the furnace on accident. It gets very annoying. >.>
  6. That's not the issue I'm referencing. If your shift key gets stuck on, restart minecraft.
  7. .... Sticky Keys?
  8. For some reason my shift click will stay on. I have to exit minecraft and re-open it for it to be returned to normal....
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  9. But im saying, Its not a mod causing your minecraft to crash after shift clicking items into the furnace that have no use. Seeing as it happens to me, and I have no mods currently on.
  10. It's not sticky keys, it's some kind of inventory-shift-stuck-on MC bug.
    @ImParanoid: It's not items that don't work in furnaces. It also crashes when I try to shift click in coal or blaze rods.
  11. Oh I see, the same thing happens when you shift-click something into the furnace when there's something already in the first box.
  12. I thought his problem was different than yours. I apologize.
  13. whenever i shift click items that aren't smeltable it moves the item either to the top of my inventory or onto my hot bar
  14. Hmm... I use furnaces quite frequently, and always use the Shift-Click. never had a problem with this... ps Rei's Minimap is the only mod I use, but that may be completely irrelevant...
  15. This is pretty annoying. :(
  16. This may sound strange, but next time it happens try pressing right shift to see if it fixes it. I have had success with this method in the past. :)