Problem on SMP5 with Creepers! *Need Admin/JustinGuy*

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by saintcrime, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Hello,
    This post is directed to JutinGuy or another server admin. Here is whats going on:

    Creepers are behaving differently than when I was on smp4. They run super fast towards you and explode right away leaving no time to kill them at all. At first I thought it was a fluke. After many creeper attacks and ones started by myself with wandering creepers they are all behaving this way. They run to you and blow up in less than a second. Can anyone else please check the behavior of a creeper also on other servers and smp5?

    Thanks in Adance ;)
    Saintcrime SMP5
  2. Yes, this problem we are having is extremely unfun. I have only been able to kill them with a bow from my tower, on the ground they move faster than me, catch me, and blow up after one swing.

    please help.
  3. Hmmm Gonna Bump this with this new info,

    The Creeper problem seems to only be affecting surface creepers, not underground ones???
    Could it be the area we are in or some other factor? We are real far from the spawns in wilderness....
  4. The servers are all running the exact same code. The only difference is that smp5 is much better hardware suited for MC and it lags less. I will take a look :)
  5. it may be that the reset points affect them?Just a guess. Also, has anyone found any charge creepers on the server?
  6. Some creepers were behaving like this the other day on smp1. It soon went back to normal though
  7. It happens to me to on utopia and smp5. When I go mining in utopia, a creeper usually appears out of no where and all I hear is a explosion.
  8. Thanks All for your input and Big Thanks to you JG for looking into it :cool:.
  9. OK, Update. Creepers both above ground and underground are still overly aggressive. They move real fast and blow up in less than 1 second. There is no way to kill them and if there are more than one you are screwed. Please help LoL.
  10. A creeper just went crazy at me like this D: It jumped over a 2 high wall and ran to me D: Luckily I had armor on but what the hell!?