[Problem] No more res's.

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  1. So I've been looking around smp1 for a res and I decided to look under the server info and saw that most servers had no open res'es. So I was wondering why is it like this?
  2. Recent update, probably waiting a set time to resume the derelict policy.
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  3. I think it is because of the update, than they turn of the system that deletes the old res's.
  4. Also one of the downsides to owning multiple res's on the same server.
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  5. This. It'll be very soon. :)
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  6. Aikar said he'll get the derelicts going again when he gets home later tonight. We did infact have them off to give time for those who upgraded to 1.4 before EMC was ready.
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  7. Theres 5 res's all right next to my cathedral on smp4 that all are ranging from 10-80+ days of not being on lol... I need more active people around me!
  8. That sucks for you, I had my res on 3 week derelict policy a few days after it ran out I was gonna renew it but it got reset, the derelict policy makes no sense sometimes.
  9. There were people on residences close not on for 160 days or so... :S
  10. As far as I know when you get to ten days not having signed in (exception to those of whom let the admins know you're going for a bit) your name get's added to the list of residences to unclaim (exception supporters), This means that you could potentially not go on EMC for perhaps 200 days and still come back to your residence not reset. When you get added to the derelict list the server will unclaim residences as it needs to given how many are available to new players and such. However you must be careful because if your name goes on the derelict list anyone can ask an admin to unclaim your residence so they can claim it...
    Perhaps what happened to you is that someone wanted to live where your residence was for either the number or perhaps their friend's residence was next to yours... Of course you probably already knew that xD
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  11. Don't worry, I'm back... kinda... (school and ssats)
  12. (Thats why I said 5) you james and Bob are the only ones semi active lol.
  13. I wanted a new neighbor, and when I finally had the chance to get one, I realized that my current neighbor hasnt even logged on for 34 days and there are still no open residences.
  14. i hate this issue. GO DERILICT POLICY! WOOOOOOOOOOT
  15. They will be turning it on probably tonight.
  16. It could also be, because EMC is awesome and other people want to be part of our awesomeness! :D
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