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  1. What can be done about locked chests of players who haven't been on for a very long time? Can they be broken by a mod?
  2. They paid for them to be there and they could come back - so not sure if they can
  3. Admins might only break banned players locked cheats
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  4. what jr. said. Also would have to be a serious perma-banned player's chest to get rid of it. cause some perma-banned players may try to appeal and have a chance to return to the empire.
  5. After 15 days I dont think they can appeal anymore, so thats when it may be possible ~FDNY21
  6. Currently, only a banned player's locked chests can/will be removed. A senior staff/admin can perform this task. Obviously if they just got banned; they will wait until after they appeal the ban on the off chance they get unbanned for it.

    not necessarily true.
  7. Yep, 15 days is when they go derelict so that is when usually ban appeals should be done, but after that Im not sure they would ever be coming back/trying to anyway ~FDNY21
  8. You would be surprised
  9. They do after 15 days? wow, never heard of anyone who did that!
  10. Kells18
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  11. Well wouldn't that be a way of avoiding the purge system then? The point of a purge is to start you over fresh; if you kept locked chest after a perm ban and appealed, you would be purged meaning your rupees and residence's would all be reset like you just joined. So if you had a locked chest somewhere, you could just go there and get all your things back which defeats the purpose.
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  12. Yep was banned came back almost a year later and got ban lifted. But i guess it depends what you did to get banned.
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  13. If permabanned legitly it should be removed (and items deleted) unless it was a shared chst.

    Some permabans can be removed instantly (ie: illegal mods with solid undeniable proof), but some bans could warrant waiting if there is potential the user can explain themselves and we decide it should not of been a permanent ban.

    But stuff like illegal mods, we usually catch video, there is no denying that, and will be no chance of appealing without purge, so they could be broken fast.
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