[PROBLEM] Infinite Emerald Villager Locking!

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by darksuperlord, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. My infinite emerald villager has locked up his trade, and before anyone says "oh it must not have been infinite!" I can assure you it was. I'm not sure what the problem with it is, and if it is because of the servers being down yesterday.
  2. it has nothing to do with the servers being down that we provider side nothing to do on emc's end

    any way villagers lock up random some times you can thank mojang
  3. oh, so I have to make a new infinite one? ;-;
  4. All infinite ones dont work after a while I think...Heard of that happening to another person too
  5. Maybe Mojang finally fixed it, hope they did :p
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  6. I made a new one, but unfortunately for me, his deal is 5 paper more than what the old one had been
  7. This happened before 1.6.4 I assure you. You just haven't traded enough to notice it happening. :)
  8. The paper trade will eventually get down to 24, my infinite villager locked up after I did a bunch of trades with him and then exited minecraft before it could unlock.
  9. If you turn on all particle effects you'll see the villager having some go on around him, like magic lookin' particles, DO NOT trade while he is having these effects. Also only do the trade six at a time, then go out of it, and come back in after the particle effects are gone. Hope this helps for future trading. Also the effects are him resetting his trades, or in the case of being in the process of making an infinite trade villager getting a new trade.
  10. Maybe somebody traded with one of his other non infinite trades.
    I watched a video explaining, that, not only the last trade is infinite, enchanted books are too -- if they cost 5 em, or something similar to that. :p