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  1. So I just found at 5 days ago that Roses are removed!

    I just want to know from aikar himself what will happen to the smp9 /shop rose??? D:

    Just don't want an item costing a few "k" to go away just like that
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  2. 1.7 takes away roses. he updated shop for when there are no more roses but there will be rose bushes. This means he already updated shop or is working on it.
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  3. The rose will turn into a poppy.
    99.9% sure this happens to the valentines day gift rose too.
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  4. Poppy.... WHAT???
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  5. a replacement for roses. It looks like a cross between a real life rose and a tulip
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  6. Will the message be the same is what I really need to know.
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  7. I believe so, as it is EMC special :)
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  8. I koalapologize for bumping this thread but I need a confirmation from staff if the rose will just turn into a poppy or will it turn into a poppy AND destroy the value of the "special lettering."
  9. It will become a poppy, but it will keep the special lettering, since it is stored in the item's NBT data. The only thing they changed was the texture and the name.
    I wouldn't say that it would destroy the value, as it is still a special item that can no longer be obtained.
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  10. only the icon will change, itll still have custom name/lore
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  11. an update would just change the blocktype wouldnt alter the lore or anything would just be a poppy that says valentines rose lol
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