[Problem] Bad login

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  1. ...and thread #4
    And as far as I'm aware, it's been fixed, I can get on in one try every time.
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  2. I thought it was fixed already? I have had no problems connecting today. :)
  3. For me i no longer have this problem there are a ton of other threads about it. there is nothing you can do besides keep trying
  4. oh nvm... i just woke up... and i thought to warn people of the problem that need not fix
  5. NO!!! dont keep trying just sit it out if there is a problem...
  6. Attempting more than once honestly did work for some.
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  7. And in the case of trying to connect to SMP 9 for FDNY's event, it took like 50 attempts, literally.
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  8. For most, including myself, it was unbelievably frustrating, but thankfully, we are past it now.
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