Problem about enderchest

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Should enderchest be baned?

Yes 5 vote(s) 20.0%
No 20 vote(s) 80.0%
  1. Enderchest is going to be a problem in the new minecraft snapshot
    If you don't know what the enderchest is that is kind of like vault
    (Go to Captainsparklez channel and see the youtube video)
    Anyway then is Vault free
    I really don't know if JustinGuy or Icecreamcow is going to ban this?
    it would be really good if a mod or any staff replied to this post

    Thx you for reading!
  2. Dude. Its not server-vault if it is in 1 Server it works ONLY in THAT server
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  3. Link to Enderchest vid please?
  4. Well, if you want vanilla, you take vanilla.

    I like the idea about the ender chests..

    Its gonna make it alot better for people in the wild.
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  5. They are not specific though I think. Its not like an inventory but like a community garbage can.
  6. It's basically just a backpack, so I don't see what the issue is. :)
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  7. You inventory is your back pack...
  8. The video I watched explained it wrong... From what says, these chests would be no more than completely useless on multiplayer.
  9. Wild to Town
  10. Presumably, everyone could access the Enderchest contents. So, you can't create a private Enderchest just for yourself.
  11. I dont really care about the enderchests i'm excited for villager trading.
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  12. villager trading? What has mc come to? Idc I have 17 stacks of villager eggs Im ready for economy jumping :) I just made that term up.. When an update comes you get ahead of comeptish and get buttloads of moolah
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  13. I'm pretty sure the enderchest won't run from server to server. Considering it doesn't go from world to world in SP, there's no reason for it to do it in SMP. I like the idea, but it's not very helpful in EMC unless you need tools or something while out mining and you just plop it down and grab some stuff "from home". :p Or if you have multiple residences.
  14. Every player has his own chest, so no-one could steal fromcthe chest: it is at
  15. ". Ender Chests have an intended drawback: The contents are not player-specific on SMP. All chests share the same contents and can be accessed by anyone" from MC wiki
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  16. Oh sorry, Did not read that right :eek:
  17. Well it will have its uses. In case it happens you're out of iron or planks and can't make tools and you're somewhere deep in caves, you pm someone in town to put some planks in chest and player in the wild can access to get it. Not that this happens to me, I'm always prepared! :cool:

    P.S. ALtought i would need private vault for my glowstone, hehe. Nether is dangerous place..
  18. If EMC did implement them, I really hope they allow us to [LOCK] them. Sure, it's a code modification but I'm sure someone will create a plugin to counter the shared contents problem (possibly JustinGuy). Of course, this would be at a higher price than a normal lock since it reduces all risk of losing your items.

    Here's how I see it:
    You place an enderchest then you get access to the public contents
    You add a [LOCK] sign (wild only, auto-done in town) above the chest and you get access you your chest contents.
  19. I like the Any one can access aspect of it, Im known to hold the odd drop party, but that is limited to the people around at the time, We can make server wide drop partys that even people deep in the wild can participate in,

    I can also see it being used by wild settlers as a method of posting things between town and back, when the servers quiet.