Prize for best resource pack suggestion

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  1. Hey there everyone. To start out with resource pack is the new name for texture packs in the latest 1.6 update for those of you that didn't know. This thread is for me to find a good resource pack to use since I get bored of every resource pack I use after a month or two.

    I will give 5,000r ea to the 2 resource pack I like most from the suggestions. The prize will be given out 24hrs after the 20th resource pack.

    Entries should include the name of the pack and a screenshot of all the blocks clumped up in an area (If you can't find an image like this it's alright)

    Here is a list of packs I have used/remember using in the past (So don't suggest them)
    Doku Craft
    John Smith
    Ovu's Rustic
    Modern HD
    Photo realism

    There are texture packs I have used in the past that I don't remember the name of. If I see any that I remember they will not count towards the 20 count and I will reply saying so.

    Don't suggest any packs that look like default

    UNLIMITED ENTRIES - Each resource pack can only be entered once :p


  2. Pamplemousse with Dokucraft font (because I don't like the new font on it ;)) It's a modern texture pack and I really like it. :)

    (Note: Some textures have changed a little because this screenshot is from 1.3.2 :))
  3. Looks great, thx for the post :)
  4. hmm... sometimes I use SummerFields. I like how the mobs look especially :D

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  5. Looks great :) (I won't be replying to all entries from now on but you know what I'm thinking, lol)

  6. Sorry this will not count as an entry :\

    Reason: I have used it before + No entries similar to default from original post xD

    Also updated the OP with # of packs that count so far :p and will update it regularly.
  7. Can we enter resource packs that just modify sounds, or does it have to be textures?
  8. Textures
  9. What about the other one? :p
  10. The other one is fine xD thats why I didn't put it in quote :)
  11. Oh okay :p
  12. Here's a photo of my brother and I's stable on SMP2 using OzoCraft. 2013-08-06_10.53.14.png
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  13. R3D CRAFT
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