[Prick Check] NzScruffy's Autobiography

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  1. Found it laying around somewhere, just wondering how much this would go for since NzScruffy is retired staff. This is also a pretty good read, so not selling :p
  2. Probably not very much. Staff books tend to go for less than their heads, and once a staff member is retired, their book and heads drop sharply in value. Maybe 1-2.5k? How rare were his books back when he was staff?
  3. He sold them publicly for 1k, so not much more than that.
  4. tbh, books or heads staff or not can be worth anything. I hate when someone says its worth more because its a staff head because that sounds like we're peasants compared to them in that market. The head is worth whatever you feel comfortable selling it at or what buyers are willing to pay (as a sum of them avg). I value my head at: Priceless. Why? I only give it out to those whom are my friends/those who are deserving of it. So if that makes the value higher then all so be it.
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  5. Oh Well then .-.
  6. He sells them at one of his residences for 100r. He has also left EMC permanently.
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  7. Aw, thanks for the info guys, thought i was onto something here :p
  8. "Prick check"
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  9. ^ lol just noticed that. I'm sure he's a nice guy :p
  10. Woops, typo :p
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