[ Pricing ] Pickaxe

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  1. I have a Unbreaking III Fortune III Effiecency V diamond pickaxe.
    I was wondering what it is worth. If you could help me that would be great.
  2. Silk Touch is big now. Maybe 11 - 13k
  3. Silk touch?
  4. A Fortune III, Unbreaking III, Effiency V - anywhere between 6 and 10k. A Silk Touch would probably be a bit more expensive. If you're going to sell it...better sooner than later. With 1.3, enchantments will be easier to obtain with less xp
  5. Thanks but I with 1.3 you will only get a up to a lvl 30 enchant so maybe I should wait till 1.3 then sell because the enchants will be horrible.
  6. ^ what he said selling all your enchantment items right now. I can tell in the future that bundle pack are become the norm on auction
  7. Terminator, 1.3 does in fact max out at 30, but with the changed algorythm it will give equivalent level 50 enchantments. Enchantments will be easier and less xp expensive.
  8. I will say 6k , and put starting bid as 3k
  9. Ok I will make this a auction soon but I will also be adding some stuff to it.