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  1. Hi just wondering how much a Aikar Head goes for, it has writing saying "Aikars 12/23/13 Drop Party" written on it and it glows like an enchantment. Also can I auction this as single?

    Lol, my title failed :p
  2. I saw some people offering 30-50k for them, I personally would offer about 35-40k. Heads can only be auctioned in 54+.
  3. ty, waiting for a couple more opiions b4 i make an offer :)
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  4. Heads can only be auctioned in 54 + as samsimx stated. :)
    I had 3 of these heads - I have 2 left, and sold one for 80k, but I think their true value is at about 40k now that prices have settled, however, I never really do see these for sale now.
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  5. thanks!
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