[ PRICECHECK ] 60k members items

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  1. I would like an idea for the following items:

    Flaming Mob Launcher (Unb3,Knb6,Fire4)
    Everlasting Axestopper (Unbr 4,Eff5)
    Turfinator (Inb3,Eff6,Silk)
    Ore Buster (Unb3,Fort5,Eff6)

    Big Daddy Helmet (Inb3,Resp5,Aqu1)
    Bullet Proof Vest (Unb3,Proj6,Thorn3)
    Cactus Pants (Unb3,Thorn5)
    Feather Fallllling Boots (Unb3,Feath5)

    Also, not 60k items, but the Turkey Slicers (Unb3,Sharp5,Knock3,fire2) too please :)
  2. Ore buster 45k-50k
    Sword 25k-28k
    Axe 13k-16k
    Shovel 18k-25k

    All armor other then helmet is 18k-20k
    Helmet 27k-32k
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  3. I make the helmet 23-25k, other than that stormboy has hit those prices on the head :)
  4. and turkey slicer?
  5. Turkey slicer is not a 60k members item, but I value it at 10-14k
  6. ty
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