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  1. How much do you guys think 36 unbreaking 3, silk touch 1 picks are worth?

  2. A lot.
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  3. i reckon 45k :D
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  4. Not nearly as much as they were worth two days ago.
  5. Did you get them through trading?
  6. Diamonds or iron?
  7. Shhhhhhhh;) Bulk is still worth it!
    Diamond. I always forget to type in the material -_-
  8. Never know until you put in a auction might go for 5k or might go for 50k or higher :D
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  9. I will probably auction them later, but the starting price wont be low...:D
  10. ill buy one for 1500
  11. Eh, thats a little low... And only 34 left, sold 2 :)
  12. lol how bout 1600? im waiting for a payment from someone else then ill be able to pay you
  13. I feel like silk touches, the normal ones, are still worth at least 1k. So since unbreaking 3 makes it last, on average, 4 times longer, i think it should be in the 3-4k range a piece.
  14. nevermind then ill make my own