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  1. Hey guys I got a silk touch I EFF IV Unbreaking IV Axe.
    Don't know what it does or what its worth....
  2. is it a pickaxe or a wood chopping axe?
  3. an axe... he would say pick if it was a pickaxe
  4. ok.
    the axe itself is about 150r
    silk touch about 1k
    efficiency 1 about 100r
    unbreaking 4 about 1k.

    so it would be about 2,250r but that would only be what i would pay for it.

    and i know that alot of other people would disagree with me on my prices but this is my personal opinion.

    and also the price of enchanted stuff has gone down (alot) since the 1.3 update with eh better enchants and all.
  5. Unbreaking IV
    is that possible i though III was highest on unbreaking
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  6. yep its possible very hard though i have one as well.. it needs unbraking really for it to be worthwhile because other wise it brakes really fast
  7. but what shal we do with a silk touch axe??!! If we break wood, we get wood, so what do silk touch with a axe?
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  8. I think it makes all logs that you break turn into oak logs.
  9. You thought well, but it isn't as you said. I had just tested it on EMC, but when i break jungle wood, i get jungle wood and when i break jungle planks, i still get jungle planks. the same with spruce wood and planks....
  10. But when you break oak logs you get oak logs and when you break oak planks you get oak planks ;). I could have swore that it worked like that when I last used a silk touch axe...
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  11. Hmm what about leaves>>?
  12. there for shears
  13. Oh... Well looks like Im just gonna chop trees with them then!
  14. If you would like to sell this puppy, sell it for about 5k. Since the prices of Silk touches have gone done and you trade and he silk touch shovels picks and axes nowadays.
  15. I would say a 10-14k, that is worth it
  16. Yeah Ill just put it up for auction and see how it goes.
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  17. I've got a similar one, with silk, eff, and unb (don't remember what levels) I decided to keep it for my melon farm. Silk will give you whole melon blocks when you chop them, and since my shop only sells whole blocks and not slices, it's good for that.
  18. No no no. I'm sure you would be better off going to the Nether and using it to beat down glowstone. You want high yeild with glow harvesting because it's dangerous. But Fortune is a waste because max yeild is 4... normally you get somewhere between 1 and 4 dust. Silk touch axe guarantees you a full block every time, AND you're not risking a silk touch pick or fortune tool or whatever.

    Very worthwhile. I was always fine getting this odd enchantment. Actually, silk touch shovel would be best. Only one diamond.
  19. I have a silk touch shovel. I've been using it to dig mycelium.
  20. LOL wood chopping axe????? :p