Price of spawn eggs?

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  1. I have seen many different prices for spawn eggs across SMP2, 8 and 7. They range from 5r-150r.

    Can someone please make it clear to me what the price is for each mob egg? Average...

    Much appreciated,
    Alex :)
  2. As low as possible :p
  3. Chicken Egg = 5r
    Pig Egg = 5r
    Cow Egg = 10r
    Sheep Egg = 10r - 15r
    Mooshroom Egg = 10r - 15r
    Wolf Egg = 25r
    Ocelot Egg = 25r
    Villager Egg = 30r
  4. Seeing how useful two spawn eggs can be, I personally feel they are way undervalued. Two spawn eggs while having a good efficiency wheat farm and a lot of time can turn you from a EMC money noob to a rich EMC lord. Let's take a pig egg. 2x5=10 and a wheat farm takes about 10 rupees at the minimum to set up (if you have one seed, then harvest, then plant, e.t.c...). You breed the pigs, wait until the baby is grown up then eggify it. It takes 20 minutes till the baby is grown up and the time until you can next breed an animal is 5 minutes. This way you can go to your farm on 5 minute cycles and every visit after the first four you can eggify, which is free in town. After 1 hour of visiting your farm after starting, you can turnover about 54 rupees. However you can keep some animals and have an even better efficiency farm which can mean you can turnover over 500r per hour!
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  5. Okay thank you for that :)