Price of materials?

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  1. I was wondering what is the market value for these items

    Iron- think 3r/ingot
    Diamond- think 50r/diamond
    Stone brick
    Nether brick
    Diamond armor
  2. This is my average estimate for each material:
    Emerald- 30r each
    Iron- think 4-5r/ingot
    Gold- 8-9r each
    Diamond- think 50-60r/diamond
    Beacon- Varies, but around 10k
    Xp-bottles- 20r each?
    Cobble- 25r/stack
    Stone brick- 60-70r/stack
    Stone- 60-70r/stack
    Sand- 25-30r/stack
    Glass- 60-70r/stack
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  3. Emeralds go for 20-30 r on average.
    Diamonds are a little cheaper with 40ish as their average price
    I will have to check on the others and these two are based on what I have seen.
  4. I would love to know where to buy blocks of diamonds at 360 a block or 40r a piece, I've been buying them at 50 a diamond

    I have to check the emerald cause that's another resource I commonly buy, I think you guys are right, thanks for your responses
  5. I remember buying from a store that sold them for 40 but that may have changed. It was right next to 413.
  6. I saw them on 413 but they were sold out, ill check the store next to them, I always see them at 450 per block
  7. Emerald: 32r
    Iron: 3r
    Gold: 15r
    Diamond: 56r
    Beacon: 9.5k
    Xp-bottles: 20r
    Cobble: a stack for 32
    Stone brick: 64-80 a stack
    Stone: 64-80 a stack
    Sand: 1r apice
    Glass: 80-100 a stack
    Nether brick: (block) 80r a stack (item) 20r a stack
    Diamond armor: (full set) 1.3k
    Logs: 100r a stack
    Coal: 32r a stack
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  8. Where can I buy beacons 8.5ka piece that would be great
  9. I typo'd. It's 9.5k.
  10. Hmmm I am getting them for 9k a piece from this guy now
  11. Don't question it! ;)
  12. Iron 5r each and diamond 45r

  13. Emerald-18r-27r
    Iron- 4r, usually less
    Gold- 8r-10r
    Diamond- 45r-50r
    Beacon- 10k
    Cobble- stack for 25r ?
    Stone brick- stack for 35r ?
    Stone- same ^^
    Sand- stack for 32r
    Glass- stack for 40r
    Nether brick- 2r a piece
    Diamond armor- 50r x # of diamonds
    Logs- 80r- 90r a stack
    Coal- 1r a piece
  14. Where can I buy emeralds for 18r cause man I could really use those
  15. These are based off of smp5's shops, which can be quite expensive.

    Emerald - 30r
    Iron - 6r
    Gold - 9r
    Diamond - 60r
    Beacon - 9.5k
    Xp-bottles - 25r
    Cobble - ?
    Stone brick - 40r/stack
    Stone - 40r/stack
    Sand - ?
    Glass - ?
    Nether brick - ?
    Diamond armor - 1,440 a set
    Logs - 120r/stack
    Coal - 14r/16 pieces
  16. Who sells gold for 9r apice?
  17. The economies on each of the servers are oh so different...
  18. This is why I posted this so I can get the cheapest price, I am primarily on smp4 but go on utopia and smp1 very often. Trying to figure out the servers that give the cheapest, and finding average prices so I can sell fairly