Price Floors on EMC plz

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  1. okay since a lot of shops have been running out and going offstock because the prices they set so why not add a Price Floor and then many stores will not be out of stock as fast.

    Types of Items on the Price Floor

    Starter Materials(10 Rupees+)(wood-stone)
    Middle Age Materials(50 Rupees+)(Iron-redstone)
    Minerals(500 Rupees+)(Diamonds,Emeralds,etc)
    SOVALUABLES(10000 Rupees+)(nether stars & beacons)
    Redstone stuff(50 rupees+)
    others(1000 rupees+)
    THIS will stop many stores from going downhill on stock
  2. Price floors? What is that? I don't understand this idea at all.
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  3. I would guess universal minimums on item prices, so as to prevent one shop from undercutting another forcing both's prices to go down and the items to go out of stock faster.

    Assuming this is the case, I would have to -1 due to the complexity and the lack of need of such a feature.
    The closest we will ever get to this is the indirect price cap set by the /shop. This is mainly used as a rupee sink and balance, though. It has little to do with the actual happenings of the market.
  4. It really doesn't matter if there are price cuts or not. Shops are out of stock because more people are buying than selling. Raising the price artificially just messes up the buyers. The best way to ensure shops stay in stock is to sell to them or find suppliers you personally trust.
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  5. If one shop runs out of stock because the price is too low start shopping at another where the price is a little higher but they keep stock on hand.
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  6. Even though I don't quite understand your suggestion, this first sentence which you constitute as your 'problem' is exactly what a healthy economy is.

    When a shop runs out of stock of something, it means that either that item is in demand which should warrant an increase in price, or that the supply of the item has gone down which means that they should either raise their buying price or increase their buying price, or both.

    That's exactly how a good economy is designed to work. That's nothing that needs fixing. It should happen.
  7. I understand exactly what he means. I think. It can get a little frustrating to need a specific item and everywhere you go to purchase it it is out of stock. I've been there. But you really can't dictate how much items can be sold for.
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  8. Out of stock shops are the market's way of telling the owners the prices are too low. If they don't listen, then they'll lose market share (someone will make a shop that reflects the current market and buy/sell stuff) . If you lose market share you stop making rupees. Simple as that. If there's no market whatsoever, well then you can make an almost monopoly shop. There's other smp's and empire shop one would have to deal with. But it'd be a nice gig.
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  9. minimum prices makes competition less available= ruins economy. there are many ways to solving the problem as others have stated above