Price checks on some promo items

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by xHaro_Der, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. Hey, I'm looking to get a price on what the following items are worth, market price:

    -5 stable vouchers
    -3 Incitatus
    -2 Valens
    -2 Staltar

    Please list the market price of each item separately, thanks :)
  2. 5 stable vouchers would be 15k, 3k each. (My Opinion)
    3 Incitatus, I would believe be 1k...I'm not to sure. The EMC horses are around 1k. In the shop I think they are 20k.
  3. Stable vouchers running at about 7 - 8k each, maybe more if you wait, or auction them.
    All of the promo horses are worth about 15k to 25k each, depends on if used or not.
  4. Only 1 Incitatus is used. Can you please list the items like I did in the OP :3

    Also I'm asking for the price right now, if I were to go sell them (I won't though lol) just wondering.
  5. Bump.. Updated the OP and I'm still looking for a stable market price on these
  6. there probably wont be a stable price for a while...... most people are holding on to them to sell later on to make as bigger profit
  7. Yeah that's also what I'm doing, just wondering what they are worth right now so I'll have an idea of what I can get out of them in like a few months.
  8. Wats the difference between a used and unused horse xD
  9. If its unused and you hover over it you'll see "Speed of a cheetah.." or whatever. If it's used, meaning they've placed it, it'll say "Incitatus" and 130 speed and such instead of the tooltip the originals had. Not really worth as much but meh.
  10. Psh Idc about dat
  11. Collectors do, and collectors are going to be my priority customers in the future when I go to sell these --> I buy them for cheaper if they are used now because obviously collectors will pay less for used ones