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  1. How much would a dc of diamonds and a school of diamond blocks go for?:)
  2. A DC of diamonds would go for 414k @ 120r/diamond
    I don't know what you mean by a school of diamonds though ;-;
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  3. Thanks and also stupid stupid phone meant to be sc lol soz
  4. 120r is on the higher end. 100r is closer to what you might actually get per diamond.
  5. BUMP
    please dc of diamond price
  6. diamond blocks*
  7. Well if each individual diamond goes for 100r then 9 Diamonds to make up a block would be 900r. Hope this helps.
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  8. MATHS
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  9. I know this is a week old but it hasn't been answered so...

    If my maths is correct a dc of diamond blocks, with each diamond priced at 100r, would be equal to exactly 3,110,400r
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