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  1. Hello
    I was hopping u wonderful people of EMC could help me price some stuff
    1. Emeralds (DC)
    2. Wheat (DC)
    3. Carrots (DC)
    4. Potatoes (DC)
    5. Xp Bottles (DC)
    6. Glowstone (DC)
  2. Bump please help
  3. Emeralds (DC) - 25-30r per emerald so approx. 86,400 - 103680 depending on person
    Wheat (DC), Carrots (DC), Potatoes (DC) - Wild guess but I would sell a stack for 32r for each
    Xp Bottles (DC) over 100k I believe
    Glowstone (DC) - 40k on average (based on my personnel experience with auctioning them)
  4. Bump thanks man
    Anyone else want to post there opinion?
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  5. I would say Thak is pretty much bang on with the prices on average. Typically see the vegetables between
    2000r - 3456r per dc quantity.
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  6. Thanks
    I pretty much got what I was looking for but I'll leave this thread up to refine the prices if needed
  7. Are you selling the crops?
  8. Soon most likely
  9. It's been a while since I last checked a glowstone auction, but they used to go for ~60k