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  1. Hey guys, Callum here
    I was wondering how much these items go for, so here we go:
    (Can be brought by people in pm)
    10 iron blocks
    25 diamonds
    Four god picks
    Protection 4 chest plate
    One god apple
    One god sword
    One gold bow but with only flame 2
    One small chest of speed potions!

    Thanks from Callum
    P.s check out 18262
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  2. Tip: use to sell the first two
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  3. Thanks dude
  4. Would u know what the starting price was for the bow ?
  5. It was a reverse auction I think, and the starting price was 25k or 30k. Didn't see the end of it though, so the actual price might be less than that.
  6. Ok thanks for telling me