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  1. Soo I don't really know about this stuff anymore as I haven't played actively in a while. Just want a price check for all this stuff, and none of it is for sale btw so bai bai deal snipers.

    -12 Ore Busters
    -54 Lucky Bows
    -28 Headless Horseman Masks
    -36 Veteran Poppies
    -1 IcecreamCow Eggnog
    -27 Cooked Turkey
    -9 Ham Hackers
    -3 Dragon Fragments
    -1 Beacon
    -9 Labor Benches 2014
    -1 Netherhound
    -1 Independence Chestplate
    -4 Vault Vouchers
    -2 Magical Eggcellent Wands
    -Freedom Blade
  2. -12 Ore Busters 120k each
    -54 Lucky Bows 25k each
    -28 Headless Horseman Masks 12k each
    -36 Veteran Poppies 8k each
    -1 IcecreamCow Eggnog 1Million Ruppes
    -27 Cooked Turkey 3k each
    -9 Ham Hackers 11k-18k each
    -3 Dragon Fragments 2.5k each
    -1 Beacon 13k
    -9 Labor Benches 2014 12.5k each
    -1 Netherhound 40k
    -1 Independence Chestplate 22k
    -4 Vault Vouchers 13k each
    -2 Magical Eggcellent Wands 15k each
    -Freedom Blade 28k

    You are welcome
  3. Thank you, noted.
  4. I agree with most of what you said, except the ones I've quoted from you :p

    I think the IcecreamCow Eggnog IS extremely valuable but definitely not worth 1 million rupees. I'd reduce that down to maybe 850k. As for the beacon, I think it's a little much as well. I'd knock that down and say they're wroth maybe 11k. Finally we have the Magical Eggcellent Wand. I haven't seen many auctions with these and personally I wouldn't pay over 11k for one.

    These are my opinions on the items. A variety of opinion is good, right? ;)
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  5. I buy it all 100k pl0z ;)
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