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  1. Charcoal, lapis, gold, coal, redstone price please
  2. 1.5, 4-5, 11, 1.5, 2. All those are per items and in that order.
  3. Thanks
  4. na, 7, 9, 1.67, 2.33 - based on current :S prices at 18721.
  5. Charcoal:
    Average: 2.554r

    Lapis: Lazuli&find=1
    Average: 5.405r

    Gold: Ingot&find=Buy/Sell
    Average: 9.143r

    Average: 1.948r

    Average: 1.912r

    Note these are averages of the leading shops at the present time and prices change over time as shops get sold out, restock, or more shops get listed.
  6. The problem with your model is updating and taking into account stock and "quality" of a shop. A few quick checks and updates put your lapis average up to 6.92r/ea (it would be 7.075 if it would let me edit 13131). This is the same with many of your products listed. Shop owners are throwing out two diamonds at 50r and you're averaging them with shops with a DC of diamonds at 75r. Unless you know stock it's pointless. You need to have a deeper understanding of the market to call prices.

  7. Thanks for updating the stock levels. I recently updated the way sold out products are handled, and shops which are regularly out of stock will see their listings disappear for progressively longer periods of time (doubling each time), which did reset the hidden listings. I'm also adding about 2-3 new shops a day in entirety, which is creating lots of entries, many of which are out of stock. I'm not sure what can be done to get an accurate average in the meantime.

    If you want to go with the 7.075, then you could. Your lapis may sit there for a while though. Keep in mind there are two sides to the market, and no shop is paying more than 7r for lapis. In fact, the average price a shop is willing to pay among the top 7 known shops is only 5.518r, a number which may actually be lower if some of those chests are full. So while a mega-mall may be able to charge 7r or more, someone who wants to simply sell their lapis and doesn't have a continual stream of customers may have to settle for a lower price, more in line with the 4-5r that the two previous posters mentioned. My lapis in my own shop goes for less than 7r and has been sitting there for weeks.
  8. No problem - though shop keepers should be managing that themselves if they choose to list. And don't misunderstand any of my comments, I really like the tool you've built.

    So as far as lapis, by adding one shop I brought your average sell price up to 6.09, and I know the chests at that shop will never be full :) On a related note, is there any way you could disassociate res number with player name? Multi-player shops aren't being accurately represented. Also, as I understand it, using the bulk add feature wouldn't work well for players running multiple shops or shops not associated with their primary res. Is that interpretation right?
  9. Most of the shops on the list at present come from information from customers and not shop owners. (In fact, lately I've been adding about half the listings.) At present there are only a handful of shops/malls which have listed their information themselves, and mostly it's been incomplete. Many shop owners are too busy to add all their items themselves, so only the key ones which have actual sales end up added. I'm working on how to motivate more shop owner activity, as that will improve the accuracy of information. The site is starting to become popular among the forum community, but among the community in the game (which doesn't use the forum as much), it's much less popular. I think by giving each shop a customized website, with features such as letting customers determine what they sell, leave feedback and reviews, or mark products out of stock, I can encourage shop-side adoption.

    I'll see what I can do about this. Rupee history only provides username, so their first res is assumed by default. In a few notable cases, I have hardcoded the shop residence. I can make it assume their set residence if they are registered as well.
    Bulk adder can add support for usernames as well as res number. Username will be filled in automatically to not add an additional step for most users. I could do this same change on the listing page.
    I'm currently revamping the editing procedure. In the future, you will simply click the field to be changed. The issue with lapis at 13131 was that the quantity changed, so when you made the edit, it edited the entry at the new quantity but didn't have any association to the old entry since it was a different quantity. So that's why editing will be based on listing specifically, which will ensure that if the quantity is different, the old listing is removed as well. I can add support for username editing in the process.
    However, I do think that any future feedback should be added to my main thread, as this is kind of off-topic for the original thread.