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  1. Hey,

    Im just wondering what the price of a Second Chance Book and a Getting Started Book would be worth.

  2. I believe the Getting started book can be claimed as a promo by everyone now, and will be given to all new players for years to come. So it has no collectable or rarity value as such.

    I personally would not pay anything for a getting started book, but then I own 5 copies already, and don't need more. If I was to buy one, I'd pay anything for it (cause I have money)... Value maybe... 500r?

    What is a Second Chance book?
  3. After being permabanned and a successful appeal, you will receive one of these.
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  4. lol, kinda like collection prison tats?
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  5. but but I successfully appealed... I has none D: lol
  6. I have one on my "old account that I don't have access to" (I might have 2, don't remember if I traded with a villager or not XD)
  7. Ill buy both for 1250r