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  1. How much is a DC of iron blocks and how much will it auction for on average?
  2. DC of iron I'd say is 2-3 per ingot so 5-8k or so would also be what an auction would fetch, most likely ~9k
  3. iron blocks
  4. 5-9k is correct
  5. Do the maths
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  6. 9x that.
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  7. 45-70k is a good price. Don't expect above 70k though :p.
  8. Two fiddy.
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  9. No, eleventy seven
  10. Loch Ness monsta come ova. He said me want about a three fiddy...
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  11. nononono you're getting it all wrong
    tree fiddy
  12. It is fidday
  13. hmm I like that too
  14. *fiddy lol
  15. say it like you mean it. Fidday
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