Price Check

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  1. How much would a
    Fortune III
    Efficiency IV
    Unbreaking III
    Diamond, Unused

  2. Well, I'd give it to ShadyShannon for free. But that's only me. :)
  3. If your auctioning I would start at 5000r otherwise I would sell it for like 12500r
  4. I just sold two for 12k but my luck in auction is like a herd of black cats crossing me, but that's just me. :) good luck in the auction
  5. well i have 6 of them
    should i sell them for 10k each?
  6. I m Selling fortune III eff IV and Unbreak III for 10k
    pm me if u want one!
  7. i can change the prices if need be
  8. I think picks like these Sells Fast if the price is right. Dont make it 12500 make it 9000-11k
  9. i m selling them for around 10k
    want to buy one?
  10. Nope
    Ill take one for 7k
    Deal? Come to SMP 1 If you wanna do business :D
  11. First you say 9 to 11k, now you're offering him 7k, what gives?
  12. Its worth 9 to 11k
    Im willing to pay him 7k.
    Got it know or should i get started on writing a book ?
  13. how about 8k???
  14. do u know anyone that would buy it for 8k
  15. i m selling one on forums and is currently @ 6k make sure u bid