[Price Check] Wooden Slabs

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  1. Would like to know what these would be worth, I was digging through some overflow boxes and came across actual old school wooden slabs. They show no texture because of my texture pack but they are legit. Has anyone sold any of these and how much did you sell them for?
  2. Forgot to add that when placed they have the texture of oak slabs and in debug they show as old slab, when picked up they break with pickaxe and do not change into oak slabs.
  3. Can't remember the thread but a while ago someone was selling the no-texture leaves for like 700-1000 r. So the wooden slabs must be in the same range.
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  5. Thanks for giving me a ballpark figure, now I have to decide how much to sell them for :p
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  6. I might be interested in one. Can they be placed in item frames or be put in /vault without breaking?
  7. Yes they can
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