Price Check: Wood Logs

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  1. So as I was cutting down trees I thought to my self, "I really don't know how much a Double Chest of each log type is going for these days." So that is why I have came to you, the great members of emc!
    So I was wondering how much each DC of each wood logs go.
    Here are the types that I am needing to know the price of: (I need the price of Logs not planks)
    Dark Oak
  2. The price seriously flies from 6k all the way to 16k a DC, it depends on the buyer and the need of the product. I am currently trying to make a correlation chart about the community, gathering information but it is not that fast. I have noticed though that a really good mid price has been something around 11-13k (or even more, depending on the availability of the log).
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  3. Bump: Thanks to everyone who has posted so far
  4. I'f pay more than 8k for a DC of acacia, they are pretty sparse so it takes a lot longer than oak.
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  5. They vary a lot. A DC on auction will always be over 7k and will usually be around 13k. It doesn't matter so much the type of wood, just the people bidding at the time. It's based off who is lazy that week :)

    Oak moves the fastest from shops and is followed by dark oak second. The demand for the others are about even, and people don't usually expect a different price per type, even though some are much more challenging to farm.

    It's sometimes possible to find wood in shops for 165ish (9k DC). It's rare though that they keep a full DC in stock at that price, I sell for 190 which is about (10k DC). Some malls like Az's have moved up to 279 per stack for oak (15k dc), just to keep it in stock.
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  6. Bump: Would like to get a lot of prices from people so I can give emc the best deal there is!
  7. I bought a DC of oak from todd for 18k yesterday
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