[Price Check] Voter's Armor

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  1. Hi.
    I want to know the price for my full Voter's Armor.
    Voter's Helmet: Protection 1, Respiration 3, Aqua Affinity 5
    Voter's Chestplate: Protection 3, Thorns 1,
    Voter's Legs: Protection 2
    Voter's Boots: Protection 1, Feather Falling 5
  2. Well it kind of depends on who's Voter Armour it is. For example, if it was someone famous, then it would obviously be worth more than someone who is not very well known
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  3. What would you pay for mine? :p I'm kinda known xD
  4. Or you could just keep your voters armor because it is a personal reward for your supporting the empire :D
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  5. It is also incredibly useful. Mainly the boots.... Almost certain with in 1.9 haybales break your fall by 80%, you could probably fall from build limit with the boots and live...
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  6. To give you a rough idea I sold mine back about 4 months ago for around 400k for the set. Also as to whether someone's "famous" or not the enchantments are the same on every single one; if you're getting caught up over the name of it you've probably got too much r to know what to do with :p
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  7. Well has prices go, i'll say this. I recently bought a players voter armor for 100k, 25k a piece.

    But on a personal note. I myself would never get rid of my voters armor. It's a reward from EMC for loving EMC.
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  8. I'll pay 225k-250k for a set, thats my best guess on market value. You can get many god sets for the same price, which are much more useful, but it's nice to throw on the voter's gear before you go do something stupid :)
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  9. ^^^ this or maybe a little more seems fair.

    I wouldn't sell my helmet for 500k though. Its the only armor piece I use because aqua affinity and building underwater.

    The boots don't have depth strider-useless. The chest has thorns which is ok if you like that but I wear prot 4 chest, diamond not leather and fire prot 4 legs so I wouldn't ever wear that voter stuff.

    And so I sold it and don't blame you for doing the same. the only thing nice about the voter armor is that soulbound and unbreakable thing. I replace my armor maybe once every three to four months and I LIVE in the wild. If you want your own you can get a full set at /v +gawa on smp7 (shameless) I'm about to drop the prices as its all intentionally overpriced right now so I could have it there but get it stocked up before I started restocking from inevitable sales since I will be smp7s only shop for that for now.

    Edit- that I know of
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  10. Not that I would sell mine, because it is my merchanty gear (I take only it, my voters tools and any food I can afford to lose to cross servers from outpost to outpost.. As I don't lose anything that is soulbound, I always profit, even if I were to unforseeably die.. xD ..But as my only notch of fame is a tiny corner of EMC lore, my gear would probably only be worth probably 100k.. But as its a popularity thing, extremely well known players could probably value their gear over 600k a piece and it would still sell.. Heck, if Markiplier played on EMC he could probably sell his voter's armor for 3-4 mil a piece.. easily.. :oops:
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