[price check] Various Promos

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by PlasmaBanana, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. Need prices for these promos asap. Thanks!

    Holiday Pick
    Iday chestplate
    maxarian head
    lucky bow

    Krysyy Pvp Head

    Thanks again!
  2. I just paid 225k for a Holiday Pick that samsimx had listed for 250k if that gives you a range.
  3. I think Holiday Pick is 200k+ now
    iDay chest 150-175k for normal version (more for DNC or chest form)
    Dancer 50-60k
    Max head - 45k
    lucky bow - I think upwords of 100k?

    Krysyy PVP head - Forget how much I paid recently. Couple 100k I'm sure.
  4. I've sold 3 Krysyy PvP heads, so I'd imagine this is about what they're at.

    #1 - Late 2015 - 1.3 million
    #2 - Early 2016 - 1.2 million
    #3 - Early 2016 - 1.2 million