[PRICE CHECK] Used Holiday Pick

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  1. So, while moving promos out of my promo room, my holiday pick slipped into my hot bar. Without realizing, I smacked a single block with it. Therefore making it used (not my proudest moment on EMC). The holiday pick has since been replaced with a shiny new one, so I was just wondering how much a Holiday Pick would go for if it's been used a single time.
  2. how much diurability?
  3. I'm not sure how to check that lol. I only hit the one block though and it's been in storage ever since.
  4. maybe youd get 60-70k for it
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  5. Okay thanks :) I've never sold anything used, but I have no reason to keep this.
  6. I believe it's f3 + h. Will go check :)
    Edit: Minecraft Wiki has confirmed! :p
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  7. Thanks defne :)
  8. I'd say about 80-99k, but thats just my two cents
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  9. Isn't that a little over priced even for an unused one?
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  10. un-used are at 110k
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  11. Oh wow, I've missed a lot xD
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  12. If you're buying unused at that much, you're buying from the wrong people...
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  13. I would personally pay more or less the same price as a used one, considering I actually use them.
    (I have no idea the market price of these right now, last I saw they were 90k but that was a while ago xD)
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  14. no you can sell to alexchnace for 110k ( he buys them for that )