[Price Check] Used Everlasting Axestopper? What would you pay?

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  1. I have a used Everlasting Axestopper. It's a hard item to price because it's used, but I'd like to ask anyway. What would you guys pay for it/What have you seen for this kind of item in its used form?

    Everlasting Axestopper: 1239/1561 uses

    I also have a Turfinator used almost to halfway if you'd like to take a guesstimate on the price of that also :)
  2. I buy used promos for about 20% their actual worth if they were not used.
  3. Even if most of the durability is left? The durability means nothing to you?

    So if I sold you my Axe with about 10 uses left rather than 1239, you'd still pay the same 20%?
  4. I said about, so depending on their durability, 1-20%.
  5. what is their full price? id then base it off that. full price for new
  6. I'd pay about 5% of a promo's price if it had only a few uses left, but yours seems to almost be full, so it's definitely valuable for someone who'd actually use it.
    I think they're worth around 650k?
  7. I believe that they're about 600k now when unused? What do you think it would be worth based on that price?
    So you'd buy a 10 durability left version for 1% (6k) and the 1239 at more like 20% (120k)? I don't think I'd sell even a 10 durability version for 6k, I think it would be worth a bit more than that, but I do see where you idea is coming from with the 20%. Thanks for the feedback.
  8. Ninja'd :p
    600-650k unused I believe :)

    So for the few uses one, you're saying 30k, but then the ones with more uses more cash because they're more useful? :)
  9. Yes, because the ones without uses left are simply a trophy item, something that could be used in a display or promo shop with the customers none-the-wiser. I'd probably pay 40-60% of a promo's price if it's less than a third used.
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  10. Selling a completely used promo in a promo shop without telling the customers it is completely used would be against the rules though I believe...

    Anyway, thanks for the feedback! So perhaps around 300k you're saying for this used item, and slightly less for the Turfinator as it is slightly more than a third used?
  11. I'd give ya about tree fiddy for it.

    I just use a really simple system of what percentage of the tool's durability is left, then tat percentage of the normal price. Makes life easier.
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  12. So about 350k for the Axe? Thanks for the feedback, Knight! :) Seems a lot of people are using this percentage idea :p

    PS: When you say you'd give me that, is that how much you would pay if you could, or a genuine offer? PM me if you're actually interested! :D
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  13. I tend to pay a near static price of 15-25% of the full price. So if it's 0 durability, I'd pay 15%. If it's one durability lost, I'd pay 25% and for anything else I'd extrapolate to find a good percentage in between the two.

    I think that the argument of being able to use it if it has more durability left is semi-ruled out. Even if you paid 40% of the items worth for say an ore buster, you'd pay around 350k for a slightly used one. At that price, you're losing ~150r every single time you use it. So even then, it's not worth using any more. If an item has lost durability, that's unfortunate, but I wouldn't use any more if it unless it's something relatively cheap like a ham hacker where using a used one further than it already is wouldn't be that bad of a loss.

    That's my two cents. :)

    TLDR - Start with a base price of 15% for 0 durability and pay marginally more for less used items up to 25-30%.
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  14. More percentages! :p Thanks for the feedback though Haro, much appreciated!

    General idea I'm getting from this is that people are willing to pay perhaps up to 300k or so for a slightly used one, and the more it gets used, the less that they're going to pay, down to the value of say 100k? Depending on the person :)
  15. id say thats about right. for a used one even a non used promo like that i wouldnt even be thinking of using the promo as i dont use any promos i buy as they are for display only lol. but yes those prices sound about right
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  16. When buying promos that i intend to use i take the base going rater and divide by the durability left so a ore buster worth 600k at 50% id be more then willing to pay the 300k for it.
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  17. So say my Everlasting Axe is 80% used and the going rate is about 600k, you would pay 480k for it still? Or is there a certain percentage where you then wouldn't pay more than that amount?
  18. Definitely wouldn't pay more than 200k. IMO.
  19. Main reason being what? Just because of value for use? That particular question was aimed at Death, though, because of what he said :p
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  20. I don't quite have that amount of cash on me, as I blew most of it on 100k gear. I'd put it at about 350k, though, yeah. Just a personal opinion, though.
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