[Price Check] Updated Promo List Prices

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  1. Promo List

    Special Mob Drops
    x1 Full Marlix Armor set
    x1 Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock
    x1 (USED) Marlix Bow
    x2 Blizz Ard's Nose

    Random Rares
    x1 Full 60k Members Armor set
    x1 Holiday Pick
    x2 Orebusters
    x1 Flaming Mob Launcher
    x1 Everlasting Axe Stopper
    x1 Horse ManEwwEr

    Spawn Eggs
    x1 Valens (UNUSED)
    x1 Saltar (UNUSED)
    x1 Incitatus (UNUSED)
    x1 Netherhound

    Thanksgiving Stuff
    x7 2014 Turkey Slicers
    x2 2013 Turkey Slicers
    x3 Feast for a King

    Valentine's Day Stuff
    x1 Love Potion
    x1 ICC Valentine's 2014 Head
    x2 Unopened Cupid Bundles
    x1 2013 Valetine's Day Gift
    x7 Stacks of Cupid Arrows

    I-Day Stuff
    x3 Light Freedom Blades
    x3 "DO NOT CLAIM" Freedom Blades
    x1 "DO NOT CLAIM" I-Day Armor set
    x2 I-Day Armor sets
    x1 I-Day Boots Unopened Chest
    x1 I-Day Freedom Blade Unopened Chest
    x9 2014 I-Day Fireworks
    x3 2013 I-Day Fireworks
    x3 2014 I-Day Empire Fireworks
    x1 2012 New Year Firework
    x1 2013 New Year Firework
    x7 Meteor Bow

    Strange Stuff
    x1 2013 (Misprint) Birthday Cake
    x2 Dragon Poop
    x1 Super Dragon Poop
    x1 Avalauncher
    x1 Aikar Drop Party Head
    x1 Purple Kryssy Head
    x1 Purple People Aikar Head

    Special Books
    x1 Tales of Eternia
    x1 Holiday Message
    x1 GameKribJim Book "Signed Book"
    x1 MrSocks75 "Autograph"
    x1 MrSocks75 "Rainbow Book"
    x1 kryssyjane9191 "Random"
    x1 Ignoramoose "Thanks - 2 Years"
    x1 5weety_ "Book 1"
    x1 5weety "Book 9"
    x1 Blackknight1021 "Knight's Sig"
    x1 Maxarias "Congratulations!"
    x1 Maxarias "Yay!"
    x1 JackBiggin "To Anon"

    Thank you for looking and any offers can be made in PM or in-game, this post is to help me determine value, not to sell.
  2. BUMP! I still need help!
  3. I-Day Boots Chest. I hardly ever (since they were even released) see these come up on the market. Jeezus, I would offer like 200k for the rarity of it I guess. So yeah I would probably price this at 200k.

    2013 Mis-Print. I have one of these too. Some 'person' did offer me like 300k like 6 months ago for this. Don't know if that still means anything but I will have to wait and see how many people actually want this to see its real demand and determine a price from that.
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