[Price Check] Unbreaking 3 books

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  1. How much do unbreaking 3 books cost on average? I have a couple and I would like to start selling them in my shop. I've seen them on other shops at around 1800r. Will I be able to sell them for about this price?

    I have a bunch and would like to get them sold!

    Thank you,
  2. I see them generally go for about 1250-1500r each, just depends who you are selling to :) If you want good price chechs on enchanted books check on the res: /v playtehminecraft-4 on smp9 darkangledav handles enchants on that res and has the general prices people will pay.

    Hope this helps :)
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  3. Around 1.2-1.5 as stew said :p im going to prob close the store there soon on 19091 cause im not that active anymore
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  4. Noooooo I need your enchanted books :(
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  5. welp, whatever is there is left, :p
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