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  1. Wondering what the price would be on a full kit of starter stuff. Everything you start the game with unused including the starter horse egg, no stats and unused.

    Ideas? Thanks :)
  2. Yea, 1.5k to 2k max
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  3. This was posted almost a week ago, I've already sold 2 for 15k+ so this is no longer needed. :)

    Thanks though guys!
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  4. oh, lol i didn't see that :p
  5. Wow sold for alot if money for what it is.
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  6. Not really, the only way to get this full kit is from a player that just joined. When a player joins they either quit and never return or jump right in and use these items (which all can't be repaired, and once the egg is used it has stats).

    Beyond actually finding a player that has just joined and is actually going to stick around long enough to want to make money but not to long they have started using the items, you have to approach them and ask to buy it from them. 3/4 times they ignore you, and the other 1/4 times they accuse you of scamming them.

    Don't believe me? Try to go get a full unused set right now, if you actually pull it off I will buy it from you for 8k. :)
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  7. I never said i don't believe you. I just thought it was a lot for what it is. Not trying to offend you. Sorry if I did.
  8. No no, don't be silly, you wouldn't offend me over something like your opinion hehe. To each their own and so on and so forth. I was simply saying that a lot of people brush off the fact that the only way you can really obtain this set (unused) is to have an alt.

    Sorry if my post came off in the wrong way, been up for over 24 hours and super drunk so. <3
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  9. Actually if you're old and never went through the tut before, (I think it may be a bug) you'll receive the starter kit, free and easily at least once. I was surprised when it happened to me :p
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  10. Oh, had no idea. Everyone that I had seen that was on before that update said they never got the starter horse. Is it just the gear you get or do you get everything?
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  11. I got the starter horse, 5 cows, 5 sheep, some grain I think, the book of guidelines and that compass thing that helps with executing common commands. (I forgot what it's called :p)
  12. Empire Assisstant
  13. That happened to me too. Then i sold if for 2k