[price check] Starter horse

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  1. Has anyone sold the Starter horse yet or know a good price for them. I have two in eggs trying to find the right price

    Thanks for any info

  2. Definitely not over 1500r, probably more like 1000r. Every new player gets one of these. I'm no expert, though, so feel free to critique that. :) I'd buy one unused, actually, if somebody could give me a good price. :)
  3. Never heard of them, are they obtainable through the tutorial?
  4. I sold one already. I got one thru the tutorial.
  5. Well I'm interested in the other one. :p how much did you sell the first one for?
  6. The thing is that Mirr0rr sells them for 7000. They are, however, unused.
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  7. 3k seems about it
  8. This post is months old. I don't have anymore to sell but thanks for the replies.
  9. I'm pretty sure i lowered the price (even tho they are hard to get cuz new players hardly ever even say hi back xD and if they do want to trade or sell it its probs used)

    /v 17000 on smp8 if yall want one. I havent set up a buy sign for it yet cuz idk how much they are really worth i just guessed. lulz
  10. Am I the only one that reckon;s their worth around 500r?
  11. Am I the only one that reckons that you're bumping old threads?
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  12. I ain't :(