[Price Check]Staff and Mob Heads

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  1. So I am a head collector, and I am interested in prices for certain staff/mob heads. I am looking to find the prices of the following items:

    Aikar Head (Plain or Drop Party): ?
    Note: I already have a Drop Party version, but I am hoping to get another for head display.
    GameKribJim Head: ?
    Superdog Head: ?
    BigDavie Head: ?
    Mooshroom Head: ?

    Please let me know if you know of any prices for these! The staff heads listen are likely to be fairly expensive, but I am still interested in knowing the prices.
  2. Chicken Head? Around 5k
    Pig Head? YOU HAVE A PIG HEAD?
    LavaSlime Head: 10-15k
    Mooshroom head? YOU HAVE ONE OF THOSE TOO?
    Aikar Heads Enchanted With Lore: Aruond 20k I guess? I traded mine in for a iron supportership voucher sooo. Not a clue. :p
  3. YOU have aPIGGEH HEaD?!
  4. No, the heads I mentioned are the ones I'm looking for, not the ones I have. :p
  5. Well, whenever you get a pig head, call me.
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  6. Sold last night in game for 85k I think (give or take 5k)
  7. Im pretty sure they joke "bidded" on the head.
  8. nope, the item was sold and transacted
  9. Oh, I heard people in town chat saying it was a joke offer.
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  10. Nope. :) They were saying that, but it still was sold. :p
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  11. I have a krysyyjane head :O
  12. Bump! :D Looking for more info on this... Not buying right now, but I still would like to know prices. Updated my list. :)
  13. I sold my Aikar Head for 75k, another resident on Smp9 sold theirs for 80k. :)
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