[PRICE CHECK] Stable voucher and Vault voucher

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  1. Hello guys im looking for the price that a vault voucher goes for and what a stable voucher sells for as i have both items please post the amounts as accurately as you can and i will take the advice/pricing and use it :) :p
  2. Stable Voucher: 7-9k
    Vault Voucher: 13.5-16.5k
  3. THank you hashhog3000 for the info i will definitely use that pricing but if anyone else has a pricing then i would consider their pricing also so ty for the info :)
  4. My rough guesstimate:
    Stable Voucher- 9-12k
    Vault Voucher- 13-16k
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  5. I needed nearly a week to auction off one vault voucher for 12.7k.
    My first try 1 vault & 1 stable voucher for 20k got no ones attention so I closed the auction :/
    There are too much in circulation due to voting
  6. I've seen people try to sell Vault Vouchers for as high as 18k, but lately the average price seems to have lowered to around 14-15k. :)