|PRICE CHECK|Spruce Logs

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  1. Stack: ?
    SC: ?
    DC: ?
  2. Stacks run around 80 to 120r, but I wouldn't go over 100r for a stack. You can do the math, right? :p
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  3. I only see them for 100-128r the stack
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  4. I buy at 14932 for 2r per log, most shops do the same.
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  5. at 100r per stack (most shops), that goes to 2700 per SC and 5400 per DC
    at 80r per stack (Ark_Warrior1's lowest suggested price), it's 2160 per SC and 4320 per DC
    at 128r per stack (samsimx's 2r per log suggested price) it's 3456 per SC and 6912 per DC

    So taking these three into account, you get a range of about 2.1k-3.5k per SC and 4.3k-7k per DC

    Best of luck with buying/selling your items!